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It’s Official – We’re a dot com


come see us over there!


Status Update

It’s the end of my first break in a year. Going back to class will be hard. There has been plenty of work to do on the break. And plenty has been going on. We’re working on moving A&K to its own .com. I’ll keep you posted on the move.

I am working on setting pricing for shoots and events, and those will be posted with the new site.

I’m booking as far ahead as March which is pretty exciting, working on equipment, trying to iron out ordering and delivering prints and have a system in place before I head back to my real full-time job. School.

For now, keep checking back in here. And who knows. If you spread the word. And I am feeling the love. And Twitter, FB and the blog seem like they are waiting in anxious anticipation for the official .com launch, then there just might be a give-away in store… You never know. My generosity can be bribed. So have at it, infamy for the company name is the best way to win my affection!

Sweet Arrivals

The beauty of being my age is that everyone I know is having babies. Actually, everyone I know is having their second or third babies. I have a few precious friends who are either just starting to “try” or on number one. We have almost no friends who are like us who happily have a cat. This is the newest addition to some new friends’ family. We got to take them some food, they made space in their sleep free lives to visit long with us, we loved eating with them, playing legos with their oldest nugget, making faces at their middlest nugget and snapping some quick ones of this tiny. I may have snuggled him a little bit also. How could I not? Look at him! He’s a love!


Tiny Boston Bikes

We’re so eco-progressive, even our bikes are smaller. 

Baby Mine

Just a sneak peek of a family shoot I took of this guy and his parents this morning. He was a premie. And he’s so big and strong now. I’ve rarely seen two parents love a child so tenderly and beautifully. I was moved deeply. I can also say, I am not sure that I’ve ever met two people with more tender or humble hearts. I am always deeply touched by this little man’s parents, whenever I am around them. As I edited the pictures I kept humming that song from beaches, thinking of the line, “rest your head close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine.” What a fortuitous threesome. This one’s got a lifetime of love ahead of him. I look forward to watching him grow in grace and wisdom.


So, I don’t know anything about siblings. Not. One. Thing.

Justin has two sister, which actually, kind of makes him like an only child. 1) Because they are sisters 2) Because he is the oldest 3) Because he lives in Massachusetts and they live about 90 miles from each other and their parents… Which makes him more like a satellite brother. Meaning, I can glean NO knowledge from him regarding this sibling situation. Other than to say, that I see the same love and adoration and unspeakable/inexplicable closeness between his sisters that I see between my Aunts.

Now, in my Aunts defense… They had FOUR brothers. Alice and Anna just had Justin. FOUR brothers. Bless their hearts. I don’t think they always loved each other so much. All I know now is that they love us (their kids) a lot, but once a year they go on vacation together and we are not invited. At all. Even a little. And we don’t get any “wish you were here texts.” And when I took their pictures over Christmas, even though my Aunt Lauren felt like reheated *$&% (she got taken to the hospital the next morning where, to this moment, she remains) most of the shots I took of them have these really precious looks of sweetness and affection. Unintentional. Simply captured.


I don’t know. I’ll never have the privilege of understanding it. But I know it when I see it, and I am moved.

Introducing Isabelle

If Stevie Wonder “Isn’t She Lovely” doesn’t play in your head then your soul is cold.

When you’re a two month old little girl, your mom and aunts should not be allowed to put a hat on you (especially over your Gigi’s objections) but when the picture turns out this cute… I think it’s worth it.

Gigi’s greatest objections were to the naked pictures. I obviously have no objection to naked pictures, but out of respect for my mother-in-law (and desire to remain a member of my family) I will not post anything more risque than this on the blog. I love the way this one turned out and there are some other ones that are make you laugh out loud funny, Bella’s face PRICELESS as she wakes up in a box, naked, wrapped in lights, under a Christmas tree… This one, turned out absolutely lovely.

She is a precious baby. She has her parents’ countenance. She is happy, easy going, and everyone adores her. We loved meeting her.  I loved taking pictures of her.  And despite all the good natured ribbing surrounding the event, taking her pictures was such an honor. However, we were at her liesure, and I think she might have known it.