Food, Photos and Friendship

Empire State of Mind

We were in New York this weekend.  Justin was working… and so was I.  So strange that it worked out that way.  Even cooler was that a herd of friends were in from Texas, so we were also able to fit in a lot of chaotic time… with a herd of Texans.  I’ll post a few previews of an engagement shoot and a shoot of Emerson and Sarah in Prospect Park.  These are not the best pictures or even my favorite pictures, just the ones that I pulled, that I edited, that I can put on here and not sell them out.  You know, whet your appetite for more.  At the end of our shoot at the High Line with Daniel and Sarah, they took us to the top of Daniel’s old building to grab a couple of pictures from the roof deck.  Here’s one I took for UK.

I think I’ll be spending a lot of my time in Arkansas editing pictures. Check us out on Facebook and give us a Like – we’re Anchor & Key. Also, follow us on Twitter – same game anchorandkey.  And if you like what you see – tell your friends.  We’ll take all the love and like we can get!

Here we are in Sarah and Emerson’s Tunnel of love… We’re pretty cute aren’t we.  Thanks Missoni for the matching outfits, thanks to efficient packing we had no option to change when we realized we were matching. This is not the kind of group you want to be matching in, never hear the end of it. Ever.

One last one of the most handsome husband and right hand man ever… So thankful to have had the opportunity to see NY from this perspective.


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